Sign, what's on your vision board?

What’s on YOUR vision board?

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a Vision Board Workshop with my T&T Visions business partner, Tanya. It was a great evening with some amazing women. I loved hearing their stories and sharing in their visions.

We talked about what a vision board is, what may be on one, why you may want one, and how you can use one to achieve your desires.

What is a vision board?

At its most basic level, a vision board is a visual representation of your dreams and goals and is frequently created on a board.

It typically includes pictures (that you cut out of magazines or print out), but definitely can also include text. However, how you create your vision board and what you put on it, is truly limited only by your imagination.

A vision board could be a series of boxes that represent each day of the month, an album of pictures and phrases, an eclectic collection of pictures and things that you store in a shoebox or display case.

Like I said, your only limit is your imagination!

Why create one?

If you’re alive and breathing, chances are you have hopes and dreams. Creating a vision board is an excellent way to bring those hopes and dreams to life.

Maybe you want to buy a new home.

Or change careers. Or find a partner. Or get healthier.

Maybe you want to make new friends.

Or travel. Or try new foods. Or renovate your home. Or get organized.

Maybe you’re heading off to college for the first time.

You get the picture!

I created a vision board so now what?

If you create a vision board, that’s awesome! And now you have to DO something with IT.

It’s not enough to create the board. Unless you just want some cool pics to admire.

If you took the effort to define why you want a vision board, to purchase the supplies, to cut out pictures and assemble it, then I expect you’d like some results.

Define your “how”

Maybe you’ve created a vision board of cool places that you want to visit. How will you achieve that? Start by asking yourself some questions, like…

  • When do you want to visit? Do you need to book vacation time?
  • How much will it cost? How do you plan to get the money?
  • Where will you stay?
  • How will you get there?
  • What will you do there?

Getting clear on the details will help you achieve the dreams you’ve placed on your vision board.

Finally, place your board in a prominent location so you can see it on a regular basis.

I took a photo of mine and made it my lock screen on my phone.

Making sure that you can view your vision board regularly will remind you to stay focused on your goals to make it happen!

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