Swim even if you don’t want to

Can you believe it’s already August?! I hope your summer has been awesome and that you get to squeeze every last sunshiny drop out of it.

Last week we crossed off one of our summer goals with our annual trip to PEI. I love PEI. It’s a little piece of paradise with amazing beaches, fresh seafood, beautiful views, and so much more. Like I’ve mentioned before, if you’ve never been, you need to go!

Anyhow, one day during our vacation, my daughter, Lily, insisted we all go swimming in our cottage pool – as a family. It was really important to her. I can guarantee you the only person who wanted to swim that day was Lily.

Since it was really important to Lily that we all swim, David and I begrudgingly put our swimsuits on. Ella needed a bit more convincing (aka I didn’t give her a choice). With swimsuits on and towels in tow, we headed to the pool.

Not surprisingly, Lily was the first one in. The rest of us weren’t far behind. The fact the pool was heated definitely helped. Swimming in a cold pool is THE WORST.

I don’t know how long it took before I realized we were having fun. Maybe 5 minutes? I really don’t know. All I know is that the entire family ended up having fun.

We splashed around, we played catch, the girls tried to knock each other off their floaties, and we laughed – a lot.

In the end, despite the fact Lily was the only one who wanted to swim, the entire family had fun. And we have Lily to thank for that.

The message from this story is not new to me, but it was a great reminder: If you want to have fun (and build your relationships), sometimes you need to be willing to try things you don’t want toLike swimming. 😉

Have you ever tried something you didn’t want to only to discover that it was actually fun? If so, comment below!

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