I lost my phone.

I lost my phone yesterday and it was terrifying. 

If you’re anything like me, your phone is so much more than…well…a phone. For me, it’s my calendar, notebook, GPS, wallet (hello, Apple Pay!), camera/video camera, a recent history of my life in pictures and videos, and more. The thought of permanently losing my phone is nearly crippling.

I lost my phone

Yesterday, after I picked up Lily from school, we headed to MacArthur’s Nurseries to pick up more blueberry basil kombucha from their Health and Wellness Market. I love that stuff. It’s the perfect blend of just sweet enough with just enough fizz. If you live in the area and haven’t tried the kombucha yet, you must. Anyhow, on the way into the market, we caught a glimpse of the pretty Christmas decorations that have taken over the nursery. Naturally we had to stop so I could get a pic of Lily with the giant polar bear. 

Lily sitting on a decorative polar bear

I’m definitely going back another time so I can check out all the pretty Christmas decor.

Picture complete, it was time for the market. While a lovely shop attendant filled my kombucha growler, Lily and I browsed the shop. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we ended up leaving the shop with more than just the kombucha.


With purchases in hand, we made our way to the car and started heading home. As I always do, I started groping the passenger seat for my phone so I could stick it on my dashboard phone holder. Except I kept coming up empty. 

No phone. 

My immediate thought is it must’ve fallen off the seat. Since looking for the phone while driving is not the best idea, I found the safest spot to pull over and started searching. And found nothing. Nada. Still no phone. By now I’m starting to quietly panic. I then think to myself “if the phone isn’t in the car, I must’ve left it at the market.”

So back to the market we go.

On the short ride back the market I can’t help but think about how I was just talking about how important it is to regularly back up your phone. I haven’t backed up my phone in several months. If my phone is permanently lost, so are a ton of precious pictures and videos of my family.

Before we go in the market, I do a quick search again of the car – still no phone. In the short distance from the parking lot to the market, I mentally retrace my steps. I know I had my phone in hand when I walked in the market the first time because I had just taken a pic of Lily and the bear. I’m also fairly certain I had it in my hand while browsing the market. That leaves the cash area. As soon as we walk in the market, I see the lovely gal who waited on us. I ask immediately if she saw a phone on the counter. She say’s no.

And now I’m starting to panic…

I lost my phone

However, before I let myself have a full-blown meltdown, I look through the car one more time.

This time, I’m bent down looking under seats and checking crevices.

And there it is stuck between the driver’s seat and the gear shift console.


I found my phone

The moral?

When you lose things:

  • Stay calm. 
  • Retrace your steps. 
  • Keep looking.
  • Stay calm.

And back up your phone! 

I’m doing that right now.

How do you manage when you lose things? Are you the calm, cool, and collected type? Do you fall into immediate panic mode? Or are you somewhere in between?

Share in the comments below.

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