Finding Joy in American Pie

I was at the liquor store last Friday to pick up a bottle of wine 🍷 to go with the take-out pizza 🍕 I was picking up next. Because who wants to cook on a Friday?? That and the fact it was a bajillion degrees outside and no sane person should’ve had their stove on that day.

So back to the liquor store. 

As I was making my way to the wine section the song, American Pie, came on the radio. I don’t know about you, but I cannot NOT sing along to that song. It just sorta happens. It’s one of those songs that pretty much mandates one to sing along to it.

And it was no different that day. So there I was singing along (yes, out loud 😉) when off in the distance I hear someone else belting out the lyrics. And then a guy waltzes out of the cooler while singing along too.

Complete strangers and I were having a sing along to American Pie. In the liquor store. It was awesome. It was fun. It was pure joy. 

And the timing was perfect.

My younger daughter just got over a nasty virus that lasted several days. Last Friday was day 2 of the virus. I was tired, overwhelmed, and generally concerned for my daughter. Her birthday was the following day and she was supposed to leave for camp the day after that.

That short trip to the liquor store gave me exactly what I needed that day. And it wasn’t only the pure joy; I also felt a sense of connection to these random strangers who were also compelled to sing along. It was fun, joyful, and comforting all at the same time.

It also reminded me – if you’re open to the possibilities – you can find joy and connection nearly anywhere.

Have you ever found joy or connection (or both!) in unusual places? If so, share in the comments. I love hearing from you!

1 thought on “Finding Joy in American Pie”

  1. What interesting timing regarding the song American Pie and the experience of joy. I have started going on my walks without any headphones / ipods/ iphones, etc so that I can be totally in the moment and enjoying the nature around me. Just a few days ago when walking I decided that it was okay if I created my own music (i.e. singing out loud along the trail as long as no one else was near to think I was crazy) and the song that I chose to sing was American Pie! I have always loved the song and prided myself in knowing all of the words, but when you are singing alone without music in the forest, not sure that I got all of the verses in the correct order. 🙂 Your email was proof to me that the universe is all one big connection and synchronicity is the magic that links us all! Thanks for the reminder!

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