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Eating Your Way to Improved Mental Health

I like to eat. 🍽

Food is good. However, what you eat and how much you eat matters – it has a direct impact on your physical health.💪🏼 I think pretty much everyone knows that. 

❓But did you know that what and how much you eat can also impact your mental health?

If you do a bit of research (aka Google “mental health and nutrition”), you’ll discover that it appears to be true.

I found several articles that say, more or less, the same thing: what you eat has an impact on your brain 🧠 and ultimately your mental health. It shouldn’t be surprising that the message is essentially the same one we’ve been hearing to improve your physical health. 

To improve your mental health…

⬆️Eat more fruits and vegetables. 🍎🍇🥦🍠

⬆️Eat more healthy fats. 🐟🥑

⬇️Eat less meat. 🥩🍔

⬇️Eat less processed garbage.🍩🍟

❓So does it really matter? Is eating less crap and eating more fruits and vegetables really going to improve your mental health?

I think so. I personally know that if I binge on unhealthy crap I feel bloated & sluggish, I don’t sleep as well, and my brain feels unclear and foggy. 

What’s that got to do with mental health, you ask? For me, a lot. How I feel physically directly impacts how I feel mentally. If I feel like crap physically, I usually feel like crap mentally. 

How ‘bout you? What are your thoughts on food and mental health? Do you think the two are linked? Comment below to share your thoughts – we love hearing from you!

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