Can you babysit tonight?

A friend of mine texted me yesterday to ask if my daughter, Ella, wanted to babysit her kids.

screen capture of a text exchange with my friend
Second screen capture of a text exchange with my friend

Ella doesn’t babysit – unless you count the occasional babysitting she does for us. Personally, I don’t think looking after your nearly 10yr old sister is the same as babysitting other kids. I’m pretty sure Ella agrees.

I’m ok with and respect the fact she doesn’t want to babysit. Like I told my friend, I’m all for pushing my daughter out of her comfort zone – I’ll have to tell you about her cheerleading tryouts some time – but I don’t think pushing her to babysit someone else’s kids is a good idea.

The babysitting offer made me think about the things I don’t want to do – like decluttering my entire house. 

Sure, I want a less cluttered home with better organization – just thinking about how it will feel to have a perfectly organized home with everything in its proper place, plasters a smile on my face. 🤩 However… the thought of decluttering and organizing my entire house makes me want to build a blanket fort ⛺️and hide. (Remember blanket forts?? They were THE. BEST. Before I quit my job, there were many days all I wanted to do was hide in a blanket fort with a good book and a glass of red wine.)

BUT… I am OK with decluttering/organizing in stages, when the moment suits me, and when I can fit it into my calendar. Kinda like Ella is ok with occasionally babysitting her sister, in her own home, with no forced effort to engage with her sister.

What about you? 

Are there any goals on your to-do list you don’t actually want to do? 

If the thought of tackling one of your goals also makes you want to dive for cover under a blanket fort, think about breaking it down into manageable tasks. As you complete each task, do something to celebrate and then move on to the next thing.

Organizing my sock drawer is something I can actually manage and commit to doing. Organizing my entire house will end with me hiding in my blanket fort.

If you need help breaking down your goals, check out my Goal Setting & Accountability program. Next session starts in September. 

2 thoughts on “Can you babysit tonight?”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately in my business. I do NOT want to do small, one-off jobs for clients anymore. Those requests often indicate a lack of planning, which often means the project is an afterthought and rushed or not tied to a clear strategy aiming for results. I’m building packages so that there are multiple projects in each one.

    1. I love it, Rhonda! I think it’s really important to be clear on what you’re willing to do and what you aren’t. I think it’s similar to defining and implementing boundaries. Both of these – knowing what I do/don’t wanna do and knowing/implementing boundaries – are definitely a work in progress for me.

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